Can You Sell a Condemned House?

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Can You Sell a Condemned House? Yes, with Real Moola's Cash Offer Program!

If you’ve found yourself possessing a condemned house, you may wonder if there’s any hope of selling it. The good news is that even a condemned property can find a new owner and a fresh start. In this article, we’ll explore whether you can sell a condemned house and why Real Moola’s cash offer investors are an excellent option for making this happen.

The Condemned House Dilemma

A condemned house can be a significant burden for property owners. It typically means that the local government has declared the property unfit for habitation due to various issues such as structural damage, health hazards, or severe code violations. Selling such a property through traditional real estate methods can be an uphill battle, as most buyers are wary of the extensive repairs and legal hurdles associated with condemned houses.

Enter Real Moola's Cash Offer Program

Real Moola is a company specializing in buying properties, including condemned houses, for cash. They offer an attractive alternative to the traditional real estate market, providing homeowners with a fast, hassle-free, and efficient way to sell their condemned properties. Here are some compelling reasons why you should consider Real Moola’s cash offer investors when selling a condemned house:

  1. Quick and Hassle-Free Process: Selling a condemned house can be a time-consuming and frustrating experience. Real Moola simplifies the process by offering competitive cash, often within 24 hours. This allows you to get rid of your problem property without the headaches of listing, staging, and dealing with uncertain closing timelines.
  2. No Repairs or Renovations Needed: Traditional buyers often expect properties to be in perfect condition, which can be impossible with a condemned house. Real Moola doesn’t require you to invest in costly repairs or renovations. They buy properties as-is, saving you both time and money.
  3. Cash in Hand: Real Moola provides cash offers, which means you’ll receive your payment quickly, usually within a few days of accepting their offer. This can be a lifesaver if you urgently need funds or want to move on from the property as soon as possible.
  4. Experienced Professionals: Real Moola’s team consists of experienced professionals who understand the complexities of dealing with condemned properties. They can navigate legal and regulatory challenges, ensuring a smooth and stress-free transaction.
  5. Competitive Offers: Real Moola offers competitive cash offers based on the current market conditions and the condition of your property. You can rest assured that you’ll receive a fair deal for your condemned house.

How to Sell Your Condemned House to Real Moola

Selling your condemned house to Real Moola is a straightforward process:

  1. Contact Real Moola: Reach out to Real Moola through their website ( or by phone (800-311-2060) to request a cash offer for your property.
  2. Property Assessment: Real Moola will assess the condition of your condemned house to determine a fair cash offer.
  3. Cash Offer: You’ll receive a competitive cash offer from Real Moola, often within 24 hours.
  4. Accept or Decline: You can accept or decline the cash offer without any obligations or hidden fees.
  5. Closing Process: Real Moola will handle the paperwork and closing process if you accept the offer, ensuring a quick and hassle-free sale.

Selling a condemned house may seem daunting, but with Real Moola’s cash offer program, it becomes a viable and efficient option. Say goodbye to the headaches and uncertainties of the traditional real estate market, and hello to a swift and stress-free sale. Contact Real Moola today to get a competitive cash offer for your condemned property and take the first step toward a fresh start!

Benefits of Selling Your Condemned House to A Cash Offer Investor

Now that we’ve discussed the process of selling to a cash offer investor, let’s delve deeper into the numerous benefits of choosing this option:

  1. No Listing or Showings: Selling a property traditionally involves listing it, arranging showings, and waiting for potential buyers to make offers. This can be exhausting, especially with a condemned house that may not attract many interested parties. Cash offer investors eliminate this step, saving you time and effort.
  2. Avoiding Real Estate Agent Fees: When you sell your house through a real estate agent, you typically pay a commission, which can be a significant portion of your sale proceeds. With cash offer investors, there are no agent commissions to worry about, as they buy directly from you.
  3. No Contingencies: Traditional buyers often make offers contingent on various factors, such as inspections, appraisals, or financing approvals. These contingencies can cause delays or even lead to the deal falling through. On the other hand, the cash offer program is a straightforward, no-nonsense transaction without such contingencies.
  4. Privacy and Confidentiality: If you’re selling a condemned property due to personal or financial difficulties, you may prefer to keep the sale private. Cash offer investors respect your privacy and don’t require you to disclose your reasons for selling.
  5. Quick Closing: With cash offer investors, you can typically close the sale within weeks, depending on your timeline. This is especially valuable if you’re facing foreclosure, have inherited a condemned property, or need to relocate quickly.
  6. Reliable Sale: Traditional real estate transactions can sometimes fall through at the last minute, leaving sellers in a lurch. Cash offer investors provide a reliable and guaranteed sale, giving you peace of mind.
  7. Avoiding Holding Costs: The longer you hold onto a condemned property, the more it can cost you regarding property taxes, insurance, maintenance, and other expenses. Cash offer investors help you avoid these ongoing costs by facilitating a swift sale.
  8. Reduced Stress: Dealing with a condemned property can be emotionally and mentally taxing. Cash offer investors remove the stress and uncertainty associated with selling such properties, allowing you to move forward with your life.

Some Helpful Resources

To understand the term “condemnation” in real estate, check out Investopedia’s Condemnation Definition. This resource provides comprehensive insights into what condemnation means, its legal implications, and how it can impact property owners and investors in the real estate market. Whether you’re dealing with a condemned property or simply want to expand your knowledge of real estate terminology, this Investopedia article is a valuable resource.


Explore the true costs of vacant properties to communities with this informative resource, Vacant Properties: The True Cost to Communities. This document, provided by HUD Exchange, delves into the economic, social, and environmental impacts of vacant properties on neighborhoods. It offers valuable insights into the challenges posed by vacant properties and suggests strategies to address these issues. Whether you’re a community leader, policymaker, or simply interested in the revitalization of neighborhoods, this resource sheds light on the multifaceted implications of vacant properties and the potential solutions to mitigate their negative effects.


For a closer look at initiatives addressing vacant property issues and housing development, visit the Mayors Caucus website. This valuable resource provides insights into the efforts and programs undertaken by the Mayors Caucus to combat vacant property challenges and promote community development. From policy recommendations to success stories, this resource offers a comprehensive view of the ongoing work to revitalize neighborhoods and create affordable housing solutions. Whether you’re a community advocate, policymaker, or simply interested in housing and community development, this website is a valuable source of information and inspiration.

Final Thoughts

Selling a condemned house may seem like an impossible challenge, but with the help of cash offer investors like Real Moola, it becomes a realistic and efficient option. You can avoid the headaches and uncertainties of the traditional real estate market, receive a competitive cash offer, and move on with your life.


If you’re sitting on a condemned property and looking for a way out, don’t hesitate to contact Real Moola today. Their experienced team is ready to provide a fair cash offer and guide you through a smooth, stress-free selling process. Say goodbye to your condemned house woes and hello to a fresh start with Real Moola!

Some Commonly Asked Questions

Yes, you can! Real Moola specializes in buying condemned houses for cash, making it a viable option for homeowners looking to sell such properties quickly and without the hassle of traditional real estate processes.

Real Moola purchases properties in their current condition, so there’s no need for costly repairs or renovations. Whether your house has structural issues, health hazards, or code violations, Real Moola is interested in making you a competitive cash offer.

Real Moola typically provides competitive cash offers within 24 hours of your initial contact. This fast turnaround time allows you to move forward with selling your condemned house quickly.

Real Moola’s cash offer program offers a hassle-free and streamlined process. Unlike traditional sales, there’s no need for listing, staging, or dealing with contingencies like inspections and financing approvals. Real Moola provides a straightforward and reliable option for selling condemned houses.

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