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Simple Steps To Our "Sell House Fast" Process

Join our ‘Sell House Fast‘ program with Real Moola. Explore each step of our streamlined process, ensuring an easy and efficient journey for home sellers. Experience how we prioritize speed and transparency in every cash offer transaction.

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Request Your Cash Offer

To begin our ‘Sell House Fast‘ program, simply call us at 800-311-2060 or fill out our online form. It’s the first step to a hassle-free home selling experience.

Speak With Our Specialist

Under our ‘Sell House Fast‘ program, a Real Moola specialist will contact you. They’ll discuss your property’s details and answer any questions. Our team is trained to understand your unique needs, ensuring you’re informed and confident throughout the selling process.

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Schedule The Walkthrough

After speaking with our specialist, we’ll schedule a convenient time for a walkthrough of your property. This step allows us to assess its condition, estimate necessary repairs, and take photos. The ‘Sell House Fast‘ review process ensures that we can give you a fair cash offer based on the facts.

Review & Approve The Offer

Once our walkthrough is complete, we’ll quickly calculate a your cash offer based on the condition and potential of your home. This offer is presented to you for review. If it aligns with your expectations, simply approve, and we move to the final ‘Sell House Fast‘ step.

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Set Your Closing Date

Choose a closing date that aligns with your schedule and plans using our “Sell House Fast” program. Whether you need to close immediately or prefer a date further out, our goal is to accommodate your timeline. Experience the freedom of dictating when you finalize the sale, ensuring the process perfectly suits your needs.

How Real Moola Calculates Your 'Sell House Fast' Cash Offer

Our ‘Sell House Fast‘ offer is calculated using a transparent and systematic approach to ensure you get the best value’

Current Market Value

Using a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA), we assess the potential value of your home if it were in fully renovated, move-in-ready condition.

Cost To Rehab/Repair

We subtract the costs of any necessary repairs or rehab to bring the property up to today’s market standards, including roofs, furnaces, and other significant items. 

Cost To Hold & Sell

When selling post-renovation, we account for costs we’ll bear, such as property taxes, insurance, utilities, interest on rehab loans, closing costs, and agent commissions.

Return On Investment

As a for-profit business, we include a fair profit margin to sustain our company operations and continue providing homeowners with fast cash offer solutions.

What To Expect From Our 'Sell House Fast' Program Once Your Cash Offer Is Accepted

Upon acceptance of our cash offer, we manage the whole process, keeping you 100% informed. This section outlines the continued ‘Sell House Fast’ steps that ensure you know what happens next.

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Open Escrow

With a trusted third party, ensure all contractual terms are met before the home’s title changes hands. This secure method provides the seller and buyer peace of mind during the transaction.

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Inspection & Due Diligence

Within 14-day window or sooner, we thoroughly inspect your property, ensuring no major structural concerns exist. Concurrently, we verify that the title is clear of any hindrances, ensuring a smooth and transparent transition for all parties involved.

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Close & Get Paid!

After completing the preceding steps, we’re set to finalize the deal. You can choose to close at our title company or have a notary come to you. Whether you prefer a wire transfer or a check, we ensure you get your payment promptly and according to your preference.

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Most Asked Questions About Our 'Sell House Fast' Program

“Sell house fast for cash” is a direct transaction where you sell your home to an investor, bypassing traditional real estate channels. This means no waiting for mortgage approvals – you receive a cash offer quickly.

Typically, cash offer sales are much faster than traditional sales. The deal can be completed in thirty days or less, depending on various factors.

Yes, our cash offers take into account the market value determined through a CMA (Comparative Market Analysis), the home’s condition, necessary rehab costs, the investor’s expected ROI, holding costs, and future sales expenses.

No. The beauty of selling a house fast for cash is that we buy “as-is,” eliminating any need for you to handle repairs.

Selling your house fast for cash usually means avoiding traditional realtor fees and closing costs and maximizing your earnings.

When selling your house fast for cash, we conduct a thorough walkthrough to gauge its current condition and estimate rehab expenses, which will be factored into the cash offer.

Absolutely! The flexibility in choosing your closing date is a major perk when you sell your house fast for cash.

Not at all. Our cash offers are no obligation. If it doesn’t align with your expectations, you can decline.

If significant structural problems or title complications surface during the 14-day inspection, we may need to revisit and adjust the cash offer if necessary.

Your convenience is our priority. Once you sell your house fast for cash, funds can either be wired directly to your bank account or handed to you via a check, ensuring a smooth transaction.

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