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A two-story boarded-up house with a "Keep Out" sign.

Can You Sell a Condemned House?

In the challenging realm of selling a condemned house, Real Moola’s cash offer investors emerge as a beacon of hope. Condemned properties often come burdened with structural issues, health hazards, and a myriad of code violations that can deter traditional buyers. However, Real Moola offers a swift, hassle-free solution by providing competitive cash offers for these troubled properties, often within just 24 hours. What sets them apart is their commitment to buying houses in their current condition, sparing you the costly repairs and renovations demanded by the conventional market. With cash in hand and experienced professionals by your side, Real Moola makes the journey of selling a condemned house not only possible but remarkably straightforward. Say goodbye to the headaches of listings and showings and hello to a fresh start with Real Moola’s trusted cash offer investors.

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Can You Sell Your Deceased Parent’s House Without Probate?

In the wake of a parent’s passing, navigating the maze of estate settlement can feel overwhelming. One of the most pressing questions you might face is whether you can sell your deceased parent’s house without going through probate. This critical juncture involves understanding not just the emotional value of a family home, but also the legal intricacies that come with estate laws. From exploring the conditions under which probate can be bypassed to examining state-specific legalities, this blog aims to provide clear, comprehensive guidance. Whether you’re facing a straightforward transfer or a more complex legal situation, understanding your options can make a significant difference in your estate planning journey.

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When is It Too Late to Stop Foreclosure? 

In the shadow of an impending foreclosure, time is more than just a ticking clock—it’s a dwindling resource. The question at the forefront for many homeowners is ‘When is it too late to stop foreclosure?’ This pressing concern is not just about time, but about understanding the options available and the best course of action.

Foreclosure doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a process that evolves over time, starting from the first missed mortgage payment. As homeowners, it’s essential to recognize that the sooner we address these missed payments, the more choices we have to rectify the situation. Whether it’s negotiating with lenders for a loan modification, considering a short sale, or exploring the option of selling to a cash offer investor, each decision comes with its own set of consequences and opportunities.

But remember, it’s never too late until the final hammer falls at the foreclosure auction. Even in the eleventh hour, there are avenues to explore that can halt the foreclosure process. This article delves into each of these options, offering insights and guidance for those navigating this challenging path. The key is to act swiftly and seek professional advice, ensuring that every possible measure is taken to prevent the loss of your home.

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An aged home with peeling paint, overgrown landscaping, and a sagging front porch

How much less will I get selling my house as-is?

Selling a home “as-is” means offering it for sale in its current condition without repairs, which typically results in a lower sale price than a fixed home. When a house needs significant repairs that buyers must factor into their offer, discounts of up to 50% off its maximum value are typical, depending on the home’s condition. To minimize losses when selling as-is, have a home inspection done so you can transparently disclose all defects and price realistically at the low end of comparables, leaving room for negotiations. While selling as-is nets less profit, it avoids renovation costs and delays, so it can be the most practical option for sellers needing a quick sale or lacking funds for repairs.

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House, gavel, and law book with the word Probate

A Guide to Selling an Inherited House

Inheriting a family home can be bittersweet. While full of memories, you may choose to sell the property. But where do you start? Here’s a quick guide to the steps and considerations when selling an inherited house. Learn whether to use a realtor or go with a cash offer company, how to price it right, what to expect during probate, tips for handling the taxes, and more. We cover both the logical steps as well as the emotional aspects of parting with a beloved family home. If you’ve recently inherited property or anticipate doing so in the future, this primer can help you make the best decisions during an often challenging time. Get straightforward advice on probate, titling, necessary repairs, listing strategies, reviewing offers, and ultimately closing the sale.

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