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A Cash Offer Company

At Real Moola LLC, freedom isn’t just a word; it’s the essence that our family-owned business embodies. While our business journey is a testament to innovation and passion, the roots of our expertise run deep, with one of our founders boasting over three decades of experience in the real estate industry.



As a cash offer company, our mission is clear and compelling: transforming the conventional real estate landscape into an empowering, flexible, and deeply empathetic experience. Every homeowner, especially those navigating challenging circumstances, is at the forefront of our vision, ensuring they always feel understood and valued.

Guided by the rich insights and knowledge our founders have accumulated, we tailor our services to resonate with each unique homeowner’s story. With respect, empathy, and efficiency at our core, we ensure the home-selling journey is swift and smooth.


Transparency remains our steadfast principle, ensuring homeowners are consistently informed and engaged. Beyond mere transactions, our decisions are made mindfully, focusing on the broader impact on our homeowners.


As a family-owned entity, we cherish the concepts of home and heritage. Our unique blend of personal touch, coupled with the extensive expertise of our founders, sets us apart. Join us on this transformative journey and experience a new era of real estate with Real Moola.

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Our Primary Mission

Real Moola, LLC is a cash offer company dedicated to empowering homeowners by providing them with innovative, flexible, and empathetic home-selling solutions. We aim to transform the traditional real estate landscape by making the home-selling process less stressful, more accessible, and empowering for those facing challenging circumstances.

Why Choose Real Moola, LLC

At Real Moola LLC, every decision is founded on our unwavering commitment to find a win-win for every client. Drawing on decades of industry expertise, we blend quick home sales with tailored home seller strategies, ensuring you get the maximum cash offer for your property. Partner with us for a seamless, profitable, and empowering home-selling journey with a top cash offer company.

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FREEDOM in Every Transaction: Our Core Values at Work

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At Real Moola, we embrace the individuality of homeowners’ needs. We tailor our services uniquely for each situation to ensure every homeowner feels understood and catered to.

Image emphasizing 'Respect' as a foundational value of Real Moola's operations.

Every homeowner’s story matters to us. We approach each situation with reverence and honor, ensuring that trust and mutual regard form the foundation of our interactions.

Image highlighting 'Empathy' as a central tenet of Real Moola's approach.

Walking in our clients’ shoes is central to our approach. We align our solutions with your feelings, ensuring our choices resonate with your needs and aspirations.

Image emphasizing 'Efficiency' as a key principle of Real Moola's operations.

Time is of the essence in real estate. Our goal is to streamline processes, minimize delays, and ensure that each homeowner’s journey is

smooth and swift.

Image highlighting 'Dependability' as a foundational tenet of Real Moola's ethos.

You can count on us. We’re steadfast in our commitment, guaranteeing that each homeowner feels supported and confident throughout their

selling journey.

Image emphasizing 'Openness' as a key principle of Real Moola's approach.

Transparency is our hallmark. We believe in clear communication, ensuring

you’re always in the loop and all decisions are made with

full visibility.

Image highlighting 'Mindfulness' as a central ethos of Real Moola.

Each action we take is thoughtful and purpose-driven. We focus on the broader impact of our decisions, ensuring they benefit our homeowners and the broader community.

Real Moola, LLC Is A Family Run Business

Grant Gould

Cofounder & Managing Partner

As the Managing Partner at Real Moola, Grant, a licensed Realtor in WA, brings a wealth of expertise with over three decades of experience in the real estate industry. With a proven track record of successful transactions, his commitment to transparency, integrity, and efficiency ensures that clients experience a seamless process from initial contact to closing.


Grant’s dedication extends beyond real estate. He has been married to the same woman for 35 years and finds happiness working alongside his only son and partner, Curtis. Grant’s passions include hitting the gym, hiking with their dog, and cherishing quality time with his family outside of work.

Curtis Gould

Cofounder & Acquisition & Disposition Director 

With a foundation rooted in years of construction and house painting, Curtis Gould seamlessly transitioned into the realm of real estate, where he found a profound passion for investing. Beyond mere transactions, his true calling is offering empathy to homeowners facing challenges. Whether analyzing property values, evaluating rehab costs, or guiding homeowners through home-related predicaments, Curtis stands out as a genuine ally. In him, homeowners find not just an investor but a compassionate guide through the intricate world of real estate.

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