Benefits To A Cash Offer House Sale

Icon of hand holding a big bag of money symbolizing cash offer.

Highest Cash Offer

No settling, no haggling no last minute price drops at closing — we give you our bottomline Cash Offer based on the current value minus the hard cost to fix n flip the property. Navigate your home selling journey with the best cash offer deal always in sight. Simple, profitable, and hassle-free.

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Easy Home Sale

No listings, no showings, no waiting — our Cash Offer process simplifies your home sale journey from start to finish. With a focus on speed and convenience, we turn the often complex task of selling into a seamless process. Experience the Easy Home Sale difference: quick, intuitive, and hassle-free.

Icon of a broom with a stop symbol, indicating no cleaning required for a cash offer.

Sell As-Is Condition

Embrace the freedom of selling your home without the burden of repairs or renovations. Why stress out on scrambling to find someone to do repairs and spending more money when you can just sell it as is and let us worry about repairing, cleaning, hulling, and upgrading? It's all about making the process easier for you.

Document icon with a checked box, signifying no appraisal required for a cash offer.

No Appraisals Needed

With traditional home sales, appraisal anxieties loom large. But with our Cash Offer, those worries vanish. Streamline your sale, embrace simplicity, and stay in control. Our Cash Offer does not require an appraisal. Experience this seamless approach and bypass appraisal hurdles effortlessly.

Stopwatch icon symbolizing the flexibility and speed of closing with a cash offer.

Close When You Want

Traditional home sales often tether you to unpredictable closing dates, leading to unwelcome delays. With our Cash Offer, you’re in command. Choose a closing date that aligns with your plans. Experience flexibility to dictate your timeline, making your home sale experience tailored to your needs.

Maze icon highlighting the solution-oriented approach of cash offers in resolving financial complexities.

Solve Financial Challenges

Are you facing urgent financial needs? A Cash Offer can be your lifeline. Whether averting foreclosure or navigating life's unexpected curveballs, our Cash Offer is the best home-selling strategy to solve your urgent challenge. Step confidently through challenges with speed and assurance.

Icon illustrating the benefit of no realtor commission when accepting a cash offer for your home.

No Realtor Commissions

Using traditional real estate to sell your home often means paying thousands in realtor commissions, usually around 6% of the sales price. Opt for the non-traditional route by accepting a direct Cash Offer from an investor, and enjoy a commission-free home sale.

Icon highlighting the absence of closing costs when accepting a cash offer for your property.

No Closing Cost

In traditional real estate, closing costs, often 2% of the sales price, shrink your profits. However, with our Cash Offer program, we absorb these costs entirely. This means potentially thousands more dollars remain in your pocket, maximizing your returns.

Icon of a hand with a downward-pointing arrow, emphasizing the absence of buyer concessions in cash offer transactions.

No Concession Demands

In today's market, many buyers demand concessions post-inspection, expecting sellers to shoulder closing costs or subsidize interest rate buy-downs. Such demands chip away at your profit. When you opt for our Cash Offer, we eliminate these stresses.

How A Cash Offer House Sale Works

With our simplified breakdown, get a bird’s-eye view of how a Cash Offer sales process works. While this provides a quick snapshot, delve deeper by clicking ‘Learn More’ for a complete understanding of the process.

A couple sitting on a couch, looking at a laptop, submitting a cash offer request for their home.

Step 01

Fill Out The Form

Start by filling out our Cash Offer request form.

Happy couple smiling with a document, indicating their received cash offer for their home.

Step 02

Get A Cash Offer

After a quick call with our specialist, receive your Cash Offer.

Family of four standing proudly in front of their house with a 'Sold' sign after accepting a cash offer.

Step 03

Close Quickly

Once the Cash Offer is accepted, close as soon as a few weeks.

Sell Your Home No Matter The Situation

Every homeowner’s situation is unique, but some challenges are universal. Whether it’s grappling with financial distress, managing unexpected life events, or dealing with property-specific issues, our Cash Offer solution is designed to cater to a wide range of circumstances. From inherited properties and relocation needs to water damage and tenant troubles, we provide a swift, hassle-free option for homeowners in nearly any scenario. Experience the freedom of a tailored solution, no matter your situation.

Financial Distress

Amid the stresses of bankruptcy and foreclosure, secure a direct Cash Offer, ensuring a swift, uncomplicated home sale experience.

Inherited Properties

Let us deal with the details in getting your inherited property sold. Secure a Cash Offer and simplify what can often be a complicated sale process

Water Damage + Mold

Facing water damage and mold issues? Bypass the extensive and expensive repair costs. Secure a Cash Offer from us, sell as-is, and move forward with renewed confidence.

No Time For Repairs

Repairs piling up with no time to address them? Skip the stress and lengthy renovations. Get a Cash Offer, sell as-is, and enjoy a hassle-free transition.

Need Quick Cash

Facing financial demands? Accelerate your access to funds by opting for our Cash Offer. Sell swiftly, get liquidity fast, and address your urgent needs confidently.

Unexpected Life Events

Amidst the challenges of divorce, illness, and other unexpected life events, secure a Cash Offer to streamline and simplify your home sale journey.

Downsizing Or Relocating

Transitioning to a smaller space or moving cities? Let us expedite the process. Secure a Cash Offer for your home and make downsizing or relocating a breeze.

Condemned Properties

Confronting a condemned property? Bypass city hassles and repairs. Secure a Cash Offer and transition from burdened to relieved in no time.

Issues With Tenants

Struggling with problematic tenants? Skip the eviction process and ongoing disputes. Get a Cash Offer for your rental, ensuring an end to landlord headaches.

Speedy Sales

Want to close the deal without delays? Choose our Cash Offer for a rapid sale process. Bypass lengthy listings and secure a quick sale tailored to your timeline.

Man happily carrying boxes, symbolizing a seamless transition after closing a cash offer deal.

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About Real Moola, LLC

Meet Grant and Curtis, the father-son founders at the helm of Real Moola LLC. Drawing from their deep-rooted expertise and innovative strategies, they specialize in addressing challenges faced by homeowners due to unique circumstances that traditional realtors can’t solve. Together, they’ve cultivated a solution-driven approach, ensuring that every home-selling obstacle is transformed into a success story.

Get A Cash Offer For Your Old House And Let Us Remodel It Like New

From Old to New! Most homes we buy for cash undergo a transformative journey, evolving from their initial state to revitalized homes for excited families and individuals dreaming of homeownership. Are you ready to have your old home reimagined for an eager new homeowner?

Before After Initial image showcasing a combined living room and kitchen area before renovation.Renovated combined living room and kitchen area following an upgrade.

Slide to see the transformation as we turn a dated living space into a contemporary haven, investing thousands in our rehabs to ensure every home we buy for cash reaches its full potential.

Compare Selling Your House
Traditional Sale vs Cash Offer Sale

Choosing the right path for selling your home can significantly impact both your experience and your pocket. Traditional sales might be the norm, but they come with their own set of challenges – from realtor commissions to uncertain closing dates. On the other hand, our Cash Offer method streamlines the process, offering a fast, commission-free experience tailored to your unique needs. Dive into the differences and discover why many homeowners are opting for the clear benefits of a Cash Offer sale.

Traditional Home Sale


The average commission paid by the seller


55 days

The average days to sell and close  


5 – 25 showing

The number of buyer showings 


2% paid by seller

Typical closing cost


Up to 9%

Seller concessions requested by the buyer


$1500 – $50,000

Cost of repairs needed to sell the house



Commission paid by the seller


7 – 30 days

The average days to close


1 – 2 viewings

The number of viewings



Closing cost paid by the seller



Seller concessions


None – sold as-is

Repairs needed to sell the house


Cash Offer Success Stories: Testimonials from Satisfied Homeowners

Hear firsthand from homeowners who achieved their selling goals with our Cash Offer approach. Their journeys, challenges, and ultimate wins might just resonate with your own. Discover why they chose us, and why you should too.

Frequently Asked Questions About Selling A House To A Cash Offer Investor

The exact amount you’ll receive from a cash sale depends on several determinants, like the property’s present condition, local real estate market fluctuations, and recent sales of similar properties. Although the cash offer might be slightly below market value, it’s essential to factor in the savings on agent commissions, potential repairs, and the convenience of a quick sale.

A reputable cash buying service like ours always strives to present a competitive and fair offer. The goal is a mutually beneficial transaction. While the upfront number might appear lower than market value, consider the reduction in costs from bypassing agents, open houses, and extended listing periods.

Selling for cash comes with notable Pros: swift transactions, bypassing the need for property enhancements, and avoiding agent commissions and fees. On the Cons side, the main drawback could be securing a price slightly below the market rate. Plus, like any industry, there’s potential for disreputable buyers, underscoring the need for due diligence.

There are numerous avenues to discover cash buyers: from online platforms specializing in real estate transactions, local investment forums, or established companies with a history of providing consistent cash offers. Always ensure that you feel comfortable with the company you choose. 

One of the primary advantages of cash sales is speed. With readily available funds and fewer bureaucratic hurdles, the closing process can be completed in as little as a week. However, it might stretch to a few weeks based on specific circumstances.

Traditional sales often burden the seller with closing costs. However, in our direct cash buying model, we typically shoulder those expenses, ensuring you retain a larger portion of the sale’s total value.

Cash sales often streamline the process by bypassing formal home inspections. Still, out of due diligence, a buyer might opt for one. In our established process, we conduct our assessment, eliminating the need for formal, third-party inspections.

Transparency and flexibility are cornerstones of our service. You’re free to decline if our cash offer doesn’t meet your expectations. Our primary aim is to ensure homeowners have a seamless and satisfactory selling experience.

Certainly! Every real estate transaction, cash or otherwise, has negotiation at its heart. Our team values open communication, ensuring homeowners feel comfortable discussing terms to reach the right deal.

Before solidifying any deal through a signed agreement, it’s crucial to comprehend its clauses. Typically, you have the freedom to back out before finalizing a contract. Post-contract, the conditions, and potential repercussions will be outlined in the agreement’s details.

All About Cash Offer Home Sales

Stay updated with the latest trends, insights, and expert advice on the cash offer home sales. Our blog dives deep into the nitty-gritty, ensuring you’re well-informed and confident in your decisions. Whether you’re a first-timer or a seasoned seller, there’s valuable knowledge here for everyone.

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