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The Advantages of Selling for Cash in North Carolina

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Highest Cash Offer

Sell your house fast in North Carolina for cash without the hassle of haggling or demanding concessions. We provide straightforward, upfront cash offers based on in-depth assessments of current market value minus any repairs needed. Navigate and complete your home sale journey stress-free, with full confidence and transparency, knowing our best all-cash price upfront. Avoid drawn-out negotiations and back-and-forth bartering. With us, no surprises or hidden costs are waiting to appear - our cash offer includes the absolute highest price we can pay for your home in its current as-is condition.

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Easy Home Sale

Sell your North Carolina house fast for cash without the hassle of hosting showings or listing your home. Our cash offer system speeds up the sale from beginning to end, so you can experience a refreshingly smooth process that's intuitive and hassle-free. Sell your North Carolina home swiftly without listings or open houses. Our direct cash offer route gives North Carolina homeowners a faster, easier way to sell. Avoid the chore of prepping your home for viewings and waiting for offers. Our cash buyers make selling your North Carolina property straightforward.

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Sell As-Is Condition

Sell your North Carolina house fast for cash without the hassle of repairs or renovations. Why take on the work and added costs? Sell as-is and let us handle fixing up, cleaning, and upgrading. We simplify the process for North Carolina homeowners like you. Sell your home without improvements and avoid the hassle. Our North Carolina cash home buyers purchase properties as-is, so you skip the work of renovations. Let us manage repairs, cleaning, and upgrades. Experience an easier way to sell your North Carolina home.

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No Appraisals Needed

Appraisals can be a major stress point for traditional North Carolina home sales sellers. But with our cash offer, those concerns disappear for North Carolina homeowners. Streamline your North Carolina home sale, keep it simple, and maintain control. Our cash offer doesn't require an appraisal so you can avoid appraisal obstacles altogether. Easily bypass appraisal stress by choosing our cash offer to sell your North Carolina home smoothly. No more fretting over your home appraising for the sale price. Our direct cash offer process allows North Carolina homeowners to sell without appraisal hangups.

Stopwatch icon symbolizing the flexibility and speed of closing with a cash offer.

Close When You Want

Traditional home sales in North Carolina can tie you down to shifting closing timelines and delays, but with our cash offer, North Carolina sellers are in control. When selling your North Carolina property, select an optimal closing date for your plans. Enjoy the flexibility to customize your timeline, making your North Carolina home sale work for you. Take ownership of your closing schedule when you get our cash offer on your North Carolina home. Eliminate delays from negotiations or financing. Our cash offer process empowers North Carolina sellers to pick their perfect closing date. Create your timeline and experience a tailored home sale experience.

Maze icon highlighting the solution-oriented approach of cash offers in resolving financial complexities.

Solve Financial Challenges

Are you a North Carolina homeowner facing financial challenges? A cash offer can be your lifeline. Whether you're facing foreclosure, unexpected medical bills, or another financial hardship, our cash offer can help you sell your home quickly and easily. We offer fair and competitive cash offers on all homes, regardless of their condition. We can close in as little as 7 days, so you can quickly get the money you need. And because we buy homes as-is, you don't have to worry about making repairs or cleaning up. Contact us today to learn more about our cash offer process and how we can help you sell your North Carolina home fast for cash.

Icon illustrating the benefit of no realtor commission when accepting a cash offer for your home.

No Realtor Commissions

Sell your North Carolina home fast and commission-free with a direct cash offer from us. With the traditional home sale process, you can expect to pay thousands of dollars in Realtor commissions, averaging around 6% of the sale price. Avoid these unnecessary fees by accepting our direct cash offer. We buy homes as-is and can close in as little as 7 days, so you can get the money you need fast and keep more of your hard-earned equity. Experience a hassle-free and commission-free home sale with us today.

Icon highlighting the absence of closing costs when accepting a cash offer for your property.

No Closing Cost

Sell your North Carolina home for top dollar with our cash offer program, which covers all closing costs. With traditional home sales, closing costs can average around 2%, reducing your profits significantly. But when you accept our cash offer, you can keep more of your hard-earned equity because we pay all closing costs. Our streamlined process lets you sell your North Carolina home quickly and easily without extra fees or commissions. Plus, you'll avoid the uncertainty and hassle of traditional home sales, such as open houses, negotiations, and appraisals.

Icon of a hand with a downward-pointing arrow, emphasizing the absence of buyer concessions in cash offer transactions.

No Concession Demands

In North Carolina's competitive real estate market, it can be challenging to avoid post-inspection concessions, which can significantly reduce your profits. But with our cash offer program, we eliminate that stress. Our cash offers are based on the value of your home as-is, so there are no inspections or demands for concessions. This means you can net more money from your home sale without worrying about negotiating with buyers. Experience a smooth, stress-free home sale with our cash offer program.

How Fast Cash Offer Sales Work in North Carolina

Selling your home in North Carolina doesn’t have to be complicated. Our easy-to-understand cash offer process simplifies things for NC homeowners. At a glance, see how our cash offer system works for selling your Tar Heel State property fast. Our illustrated flowchart lets North Carolina sellers visually understand our seamless cash offer procedure from start to finish. But there’s more beneath the surface – click ‘Learn More’ to get the full details on how to sell your North Carolina home for cash quickly. We break down the direct process so you can fully grasp the ins and outs of our cash offer program for your NC property. Selling your home is simple when you choose our cash buyers in North Carolina.

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Step 01

Fill Out The Form

Start by filling out our Cash Offer request form.

Happy couple smiling with a document, indicating their received cash offer for their home.

Step 02

Get A Cash Offer

After a quick call with our specialist, receive your Cash Offer.

Family of four standing proudly in front of their house with a 'Sold' sign after accepting a cash offer.

Step 03

Close Quickly

Once the Cash Offer is accepted, close as soon as a few weeks.

North Carolina Home Sales - We Buy No Matter The Situation

No two homeowner situations in North Carolina are alike, but many share common hurdles. Whether facing financial hardship, an unexpected life change, or property troubles in the Tar Heel State, our Cash Offer solution can adapt to varied circumstances. From inherited North Carolina homes and relocation necessities to hurricane damage and non-paying tenants, we provide a fast, hassle-free choice for NC sellers. As a homeowner in North Carolina, take advantage of a tailored solution catered to your unique scenario. Our cash offer works for inherited properties, moving, distressed homes, and more. We help North Carolina homeowners navigate any circumstance by purchasing your house quickly and conveniently. Whatever your unique situation as an NC homeowner, our Cash Offer program can smoothly adapt to your needs.

Financial Distress

Are you currently facing bankruptcy or foreclosure in North Carolina? Secure a direct Cash Offer for a very fast, uncomplicated home sale process.

Inherited Properties

Let us simplify selling your inherited North Carolina home. Get a Cash Offer and skip the headaches. We handle all the details so you can quickly sell the inherited property.

Water Damage + Mold

Dealing with water damage or mold issues in your North Carolina home? Bypass the extensive and pricey repair costs. Secure a Cash Offer from us, sell as-is, and move forward with renewed confidence.

No Time For Repairs

Repairs piling up in your North Carolina home with no time to address them? Skip the stress and lengthy renovations. Get a Cash Offer, sell as-is, and enjoy a hassle-free transition.

Need Quick Cash

Need quick access to cash in North Carolina? Get it faster with our Cash Offer. Sell your home rapidly, get funds quickly, and address pressing financial needs with assurance.

Unexpected Life Events

Facing the challenges of divorce, illness, or other unexpected life events in North Carolina? Secure a Cash Offer to streamline and simplify your home sale journey.

Downsizing Or Relocating

Transitioning to a smaller home or moving to a new city in North Carolina? Secure a Cash Offer for your house and make downsizing or relocating in the Tar Heel State a breeze.

Condemned Properties

Facing an extremely troublesome condemned property situation in North Carolina? Bypass all of the city hassles and avoid all repairs. Secure a Cash Offer fast and transition from feeling burdened to relieved in practically no time.

Issues With Tenants

Dealing with challenging tenants in your North Carolina rental property? Take our fair Cash Offer for your rental home immediately to end all those terrible landlord headaches.

Speedy Sales

Want to finalize your North Carolina home sale before a certain time? Choose our Cash Offer for a fast sales process. Avoid lengthy listings and get a quick sale on your ideal timeline.

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Ready to Get A Cash Offer For Your North Carolina House? Call Us Today!

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About Real Moola, LLC

Meet Grant and Curtis, the father-son founders at the helm of Real Moola LLC. Drawing from their deep-rooted expertise and innovative strategies, they specialize in addressing challenges faced by homeowners due to unique circumstances that traditional realtors can’t solve. Together, they’ve cultivated a solution-driven approach, ensuring that every home-selling obstacle is transformed into a success story.

Cash Offer or Traditional Sale in North Carolina? Key Differences

How you sell your North Carolina home can significantly impact your experience and bottom line. Traditional sales are familiar but have downsides like commissions and uncertain closings. Our Cash Offer approach simplifies the process, providing a fast, commission-free sale tailored to your needs. Explore the key differences between a Cash Offer and a traditional North Carolina home sale. Discover the perks of selling directly to an investor and why many Tar Heel state homeowners choose a direct cash offer. See how our Cash Offer process maximizes financial return while minimizing hassles. Selling your NC home with a cash offer is a convenient alternative.

Traditional Home Sale


The average commission paid by the seller


55 days

The average days to sell and close  


5 – 25 showing

The number of buyer showings 


2% paid by seller

Typical closing cost


Up to 9%

Seller concessions requested by the buyer


$1500 – $50,000

Cost of repairs needed to sell the house



Commission paid by the seller


7 – 30 days

The average days to close


1 – 2 viewings

The number of viewings



Closing cost paid by the seller



Seller concessions


None – sold as-is

Repairs needed to sell the house


Common Questions on Selling Fast For Cash in North Carolina

One of the most significant benefits of accepting a cash offer is that you can sell your North Carolina home very quickly, usually closing in 7-10 days in many cases. It is a much faster process than a traditional sale, which can take months. With a cash buyer, you skip showings, open houses, and uncertain buyers – allowing for a highly swift sale.

Once you submit details about your North Carolina property, we will evaluate and make an initial competitive cash offer. If you accept the offer amount, we will then conduct a quick home inspection to confirm the condition details. Next, we pick an ideal closing date that fits your moving plans. It is a straightforward, direct, and hassle-free process from start to finish.

Absolutely. We thoroughly analyze market comps and factors like location, size, renovations, and overall condition to ensure we present the most fair market value cash offer. Our goal is always for the offer amount to be a win-win for both you as the seller and for us as cash buyers. We want you to feel good about the price!

No repairs or renovations are required when you accept our cash offer. We buy North Carolina homes strictly as-is, regardless of the current condition. So you don’t have to spend time or money staging, painting, or fixing anything before closing. You can sell as-is and skip those headaches.

No. There are zero added fees, commissions, or closing costs for you.

We know you likely need access to the money as quickly as possible, so we can close extremely fast, in some cases in just 7 days. This lets us quickly get you the net sale proceeds so you can move forward with your following plans and chapter in life.

No problem, we have experience buying homes in all sorts of situations – including those with owed back taxes, property tax liens, inherited issues, and other circumstances. We can accommodate these scenarios and still make a fast, fair, and flexible cash offer.

We fully renovate and update the North Carolina properties that are purchased. Then, we resell them on the open market so that other families, individuals, and real estate investors can buy move-in ready homes. We help improve local housing.

No problem at all! Our friendly and professional team is always here to provide answers, clarity, and guidance regarding any other questions you may have about our North Carolina cash home buying process. We’re happy to help, so please get in touch with us with any questions.

North Carolina Home Makeovers - Breathing New Life into Properties

Most properties we buy for cash in North Carolina go through an uplifting renewal, transforming from their original state into reinvigorated homes for excited new owners. We reimagine outdated houses, preparing them for North Carolina families and individuals to create joyful memories. Are you ready to have your older North Carolina home revitalized to help a new homeowner’s dreams come true? By selling to our investors, you contribute to rejuvenating homes for the next generation of NC homeowners. Your home can become the perfect place for a family to put down roots.

Before After Initial image showcasing a combined living room and kitchen area before renovation.Renovated combined living room and kitchen area following an upgrade.

Check out the amazing before and after pictures as we turn worn-down living spaces into modern havens. We invest heavily to fully renovate the North Carolina homes we buy, ensuring each property reaches its maximum potential. Witness the dramatic transformations in these fantastic Tar Heel State home makeovers! Your outdated North Carolina home could be the next stunning remodel.

Your Resource for Cash Offer House Sales in North Carolina

Gain valuable insights when selling your North Carolina home for cash. Our blog provides helpful advice so you can make informed decisions. Learn from current trends and expert tips. New and seasoned Tar Heel State sellers will uncover practical knowledge to confidently navigate the cash offer process. Stay up-to-date with insider tips to maximize the value of your home. Discover strategies to simplify your sales. Our in-depth blog empowers North Carolina homeowners to sell for cash successfully.

A two-story boarded-up house with a "Keep Out" sign.

Can You Sell a Condemned House?

In the challenging realm of selling a condemned house, Real Moola's cash offer investors emerge as a beacon of hope. Condemned properties often come burdened with structural issues, health...

Read More

Help for North Carolina Homeowners at Risk

Are you a North Carolina homeowner struggling with foreclosure or facing financial hardship? There are resources available to help you navigate this difficult situation:

  • North Carolina Housing Finance Agency (NCHFA): – NCHFA offers a variety of programs to help homeowners at risk of foreclosure, including the North Carolina Hardest Hit Fund, which provides financial assistance to homeowners who have lost their jobs or income due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and the North Carolina Homeowner Assistance Fund, which offers financial aid to homeowners who are struggling to make their mortgage payments.
  • Legal Aid of North Carolina: – Legal Aid of North Carolina provides free and low-cost legal assistance to low-income North Carolinians. They can help homeowners with foreclosure-related issues, including negotiating with lenders, filing for bankruptcy, and defending against foreclosure lawsuits.
  • North Carolina Housing Coalition: – The North Carolina Housing Coalition is a statewide network of non-profit organizations that advocate for affordable housing and prevent homelessness. They can help homeowners develop a foreclosure prevention plan and negotiate with lenders.
  • North Carolina Foreclosure Prevention Network: – The North Carolina Foreclosure Prevention Network is a statewide network of non-profit organizations providing homeowners foreclosure prevention services. They can help homeowners develop a budget, create a foreclosure prevention plan, and negotiate with lenders.
  • United Way of North Carolina 211: – 211 is a free and confidential service that can connect you with various resources, including foreclosure prevention assistance. You can call 211 or visit their website to find help in your area.

If you are struggling, contact these organizations for guidance and support. There are options available to help North Carolina homeowners under challenging situations avoid foreclosure.

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